Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Checkmark, the location-based reminder app for iPhone is now available

CheckMark App for iPhone

There is a new reminder app for the iPhone called Checkmark. We were pretty excited about this app back then since it promised to offer the ability to create location-based reminders. Well, Checkmark for iPhone has just been released and is now available from the App Store for just $0.99. And like we told you before, the app will let you create two types of reminders. You�ll see this by way of a navigation scheme for the app. So when you fire up Checkmark, you�ll have two main screens � Where and When. Obviously, Where is for location based reminders which if you select will display another screen with 3�3 grid of icons representing your most visited places. These icons can be re-organized to suit your likings. One nice feature of the app is the fact that reminders are triggered whenever you have reached a location or have departed from one. You can even trigger the reminder for a specific time before or after you�ve arrived at a location. It all works automatically. That all being said, I�m yet to discover what other features and functionality the app offers. Maybe in a couple of days I�d soon find out as I put the app on a daily usage. Have you downloaded the app? Tell us how you find it so far because the app has been generating some accolades from those who�ve used it.

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